VOS Service Tools 


Last updated: 
02 May 2017
  Note: Many of these tools make use of some subroutines, commands, and options of the system that do not appear in released Stratus documentation. These are support tools and interfaces that are provided primarily for use by Stratus personnel and are subject to change or removal without notice. Appearance on this page and the availability of such an item for downloading does not imply any commitment by Stratus for future support of this tool or its use.  


Downloading Instructions

Listing of VOS Service tools

adjust_batch_queue (version v2)

check_disk_bit_map (version v1.1)

Check Stack Usage (version 1.0_12-04-11)


compare_file_blocks (version v1.1)


count_keys (version v1)

date_deleter (version v1)

destroy_disk (version v2.0)

disk_space (version v1.1)

display_block_allocation (version v1.x)


find_files (version v1)

force_salvage (version v1)

ftScalable Metering Macro (version 1.1_12-06-14)

get_disk_blocks (version v1.8a)

library_find (version v1)

List Software Revisions (version 1.3_14Feb2017)

Network I/O Macros (version v1)

scan_bio_fq (version v1.1)

scan_dir (version v1.8)

split_join_file (version v1.1)


undelete_records (version v1)


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